Budgeting for the future

App Design / UI & UX / Web Design

My Role: Lead Digital Designer

Project details


I joined the Alvie team as the UI and UX designer to improve usability and overall visual design of the app. It was my role to create the design elements to fit their purpose whilst simplifying the visual hierarchy of this ambitious app to allow it to function as intended.


Working closely with the team, wireframes were created and the app redesigned to improve functionality. Through user testing, we identified issues and reacted accordingly. An icon library and 'card' system were implimented to help edit and manage the users budget categories.


The new design was well received and the MVP will be launching soon.

Budgeting made easy

Creating custom categories allow the user to fully budget their future spending accurately. Classified into 3 types of budget: day-to-day, recurring and savings.

Quick editing

Reducing the time to manage your money through easy form editing. Allowing the user to quickly allocate budget and fix any overspent categories.

Sign up microsite

To accompany the app a responsive site was designed to allow users to join the newsletter and receive information about the product.


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