Lifestyle Homes

Improving the Broker Portal

Web Design

My Role: Lead digital designer

Projects details


Lifestyle Homes needed a broker portal that was a functional tool to help them in their day-to-day roles. It needed to be built on the existing Umbraco site and allow brokers to login using their personal accounts.


The design was brought inline with the branding of their main site and consistent UI elements were introduced as a result. The UX was improved using wireframes to think about the journey, improving the sites usefulness for brokers.


The portal works as a great tool to allow brokers to access content easily from anywhere. As a result, helping them to sell apartments through increased efficiency.

Everything in one place

The site forms allowed brokers to upload content and customise their profile. The aim being to make their tasks easier when accessing content related to specific properties.

Improved UI and UX

We created a consisitent UI kit to help navigate users through the site in an effortless way. Using functional titles and supporting imagery, we enabled users to get to the content they required quickly.

I can't give you access to the portal but you can view their main site below.

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