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My Role: Graphic designer



A logo says a lot about a company. It represents your values and is a tool to make a statement of intent. The logo should reflect the core values of the business and needs to lay a good foundation for your brand.


Every business has a unique set of values and a personality. The logo is the first step in conveying these to the consumer so it helps to have a process to get it right. Through getting to know the business values and exploring relevant inspiration, we can create a logo that is representative of the business it leads.


What we're left with is something that compliments the business objectives and creates a great first impression.

Dissecting my logo

My intention was to create a monogram that contains the letters 'S' and 'W'. It needed to be intelligent, conveying the level of craftmanship I apply to all my design work.

The emblem for the brand

The Warm Penguins logo needed to represent a few qualities through its design. The brand mark needed to have impact, be stylish and modern. The supporting typography convey elements of hand-crafted knitwear and high-quality retail.

A playful wine identity

As part of a Mercure Hotels wine range, the logo was designed to represent 'Spanish Sunshine'. Taking inspiration from a minimalistic style, the elements combine to portray the angelic flavours in the wine.

Picnic power

This logo combined elements of a picnic blanket with Mercure Hotels branding, typography and colours. It was created as a vector to be used on a number of mediums.

Concept design

Intended for a property discussion platform.

Digital Advisor identity

On hand digital information at the touch of a button.

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