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Let's picnic with Mercure Hotels

Identity / Event Signage / Microsite

My Role: Digital & Print designer

Project details


Mercure Hotels, in partnership with National Picnic Week, held a free picnic event at Somerset House, London. This featured BBC1's wine tasting experts, Susie Barrie and Peter Richards, as well as hampers put together by Tom's Kitchen. The event needed an identity and promoting over various channels.


I created a logo and identity to bring life to the event, retaining the British countryside feeling, whilst incorporating the Mercure Hotels brand essence. Subsequent online and offline content was created to provide customer information and on the day takeaways.


Bad weather aside, the event was a success. Generating great PR for Mercure Hotels, it was an entertaining occasion all round.

Informative content on all devices

Through emails and a landing page, we designed content that was informative and interesting to digest. It set the tone for the event and let attendees know what to expect on the day.

Creating the logo

The logo needed to retain the Mercure Hotels brand, whilst incorporating picnic elements and being applicable to many mediums. Through a few iterations, we achieved a great balance of everything.

Improving the event

Bespoke items made the day fun by allowing customers to win prizes and interact with the area, posting images to social media. Hampers and giveaways helped Mercure leave a lasting impression after the event.

Here's how the day went:

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