The Marketing Society

The Annual Conference identity and event

Identity / Event Signage / Microsite

My Role: Lead designer

Project details


The Marketing Society hold an Annual Conference and the challenge was to put an identity to their theme. This time it was 'Beyond'. A word intended to inspire individuals to look beyond their typical working day and connect to emerging cultural trends.


As a result, I created the Wormhole identity in my free time. The idea was accepted and subsequently I gained the exciting task of decorating the event, developing the identity and creating supporting marketing communications.


It became a memorable occasion and both day and night events were sold out, creating a social buzz around the hastag #GoBeyond.

The Wormhole perfectly embodies the idea of pushing boundaries and exploring the unknown

I constructed the identity as a vector to apply it across the various mediums.

Animating the identity to bring it to life

I explored different ways to animate the identity to be used in emails, the microsite and supporting media.

Explore the wormhole as a microsite

The site used the identity to house the relevant information ensuring it combined great UX with a unique interface. Working closely with the developers, we created interactive elements that worked across all devices - even having a fallback version for older devices.

Responsive for both day and night

Acting as a landing page, the site provided information, including speaker bios, and allowed users to purchase tickets.

Bespoke collateral was created to enhance the concept

This specially constructed invite was one of the unique ways to advertise the event and reinforce the concept. The acetate created resistance when pulled from the white sleeve, mimicking the effect of a wormhole's gravity. I designed the typography to warp into the wormhole and the acetate allowed the user to look beyond the words.

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