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My Role: Lead Digital Designer

Project details


Whilst at MBA, I was the lead designer when revamping the Thomas Sanderson website. The site needed updating with their new identity and they wanted to increase the conversion of their audience through using onsite forms and bookings.


New brand guidelines were applied to their site and I developed a colour palette to help frame product shots as well as simplify the user interface. A contemporary sans-serif font was chosen to match the high quality of their product. A modular format was applied to the site and the UX was improved. An icon suite was produced to help explain complex product qualities and processes.


The sites success was measured through an increase in customer engagement, gaining a positive response from Thomas Sandersons competitors.

Responsive design

It was important to maintain a seamless experience on any device to keep the customer engaged.

Implementing a mega nav to improve UX

I improved the site UX by implementing a reworked navigation system. Improving the mobile experience and servicing the needs of different customers.

Interactive elements to test the product

Special modules, such as the 'colour picker' and 'Valet Guard slider', were designed to allow for customisation and interaction with the product range.

Over sixty bespoke icons designed to aid product information

The product USPs, processes and benefits were vast. Icons were created to help visualise these clearly.

"Choose from a large variety of colours and fabrics to coordinate with any interior style or decor"

"We ensure a seamless and precise fit into any shape, type or size of window, roof or door panel"

"All build-up of dirt, residue, algae and moss is removed. Every lock and hinge is meticulously cleaned and lubricated by our team of professional valeters."

Bespoke modules

Using an editorial inspired layout the imagery became the focus. This allowed for easily scannable content and clear titles to guide the customer through their web experience.

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