Warm Penguins

Creating the brand

Identity / Brand / Digital design

My Role: Co-Founder & designer

Project details


As co-founder of Warm Penguins, I tasked myself with everything design-related in the business. We had an idea for a product, Merino wool bobble hats, and a vision for the business... world domination! The brand needed to have impact, style and ooze character.


Initially, I created the different hat designs and developed the brand identity. The logo became the emblem to our Warm Penguins family, taking inspiration from flat minimalist design, whilst reflecting the quality of the overall product. The playful art direction for each hat helped characterise the styles to increase engagement, with customers forming a relationship with each product, rather than simply buying it.


Increasing recognition and continued ROI through our online stores.

The logo reflects the product values

I took great care in developing a contemporary logo that reflects the intelligence of the brand, whilst being recognisable.

CRM programme using email and social promotions

The aim being to form a relationship with our customer. Opening up a channel of conversation to promote future products and post updates on the business.

Bringing identity to the product

To add substance to each hat, we created a story around their style and design. We care deeply about our hats and we want the customer to treat their purchase with this same level of love. In creating these character products, we aim to help the customer form an emotional connection to their hat.

Harbouring trust through photography

As well as the character promotions, we wanted to show actual product shots in the real world, allowing the customer to imagine themselves wearing the product.

See the range below.

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